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Re-Flash Mondays — A Review

This month we had a capacity crowd to hear our 8 speakers. The speakers were:

  1. Peter Bull — Developing ZuneCardr, a Windows 7 mobile app
  2. Sam Harrison — Mapping a different way
  3. Audrius Jankauskas – web CMSs and related technologies
  4. Ross Dargan — An introduction to Flex-Raid
  5. Aidan Garnish — An introduction to the concept of time banking
  6. Bobby Patterson — happiest
  7. Adrià Mercader — Customised web maps
  8. Derek Frost — Development using the Spring framework

Oli and James from Memory Merge have written this excellent review of the evening:

Stuart Holmes also wrote this excellent review:

Paul from Web Design Futures wrote these words:

We want to thank our sponsors, Newcastle University and Codeworks Connect.