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Review: Conversion optimisation for a better user experience

Last night we were treated to excellent talks from four speakers:

Lauren has written a review of the event here: http://hedgehoglab.com/2012/10/12/supermondays-designing-personality/

I want to thank our speakers and sponsors (Nigel Wright and Newcastle University).

Review: Workshops

This month we had two excellent speakers, Michael Peacock and Jamie Curle.

Jamie spoke energetically about django, a framework for python. Through interesting stories, jokes and code examples he handed over nuggets of helpful information on how to setup, develop and deploy django based apps. You can download his slides here:
and his code examples here:

Michael is a regular speaker at SuperMondays and this month spoke in detail about Vagrant, a tool that he uses extensively to manage his various development environments at Ground Six. You can download Michael’s slides here: