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Review: An introduction to massive data sets, using SQL and noSQL approaches

Running a database is often challenging. Issues such as speed, reliability, scalability and data consistency often keep DBA’s awake at night with worry. This month we had two excellent presentations, these were:

  • Sam Lambert — DBA and Linux Admin for Smith Electric Vehicles.
    Sam manages a complex computer system that handles over 1.2 billion INSERTS a day. This system has very specific technical challenges including failover, scalability and data consistency.

     [slideshare id=11388797&doc=1billioninsertsperday-supermondays-120202105019-phpapp01]
  • Jonathan Halliday — Developer in the JBoss team at RedHat
    Traditional database solutions often fail to provide for the speed and quantity of data capture demanded in today’s environment and often force valuable information to be ignored or discarded prematurely. Fortunately help is at hand in the form a variety of solutions built on new models of distributed storage and processing. New systems bring technical choices, and often too much choice! Jonathan discussed some of these alternative solutions and provided guidance on how to select a suitable solution for your environment.

     [slideshare id=11433195&doc=timeseries-120205143800-phpapp02]

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