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Our third meeting was a success!

Last night we had 40 visitors to our third Super Mondays event. After drinking copious amounts of tea and Coffee (sponsored by Alex Kavanagh from Tinwood) we sat down for two presentations.

Alex spoke about the various free or open source applications that companies can use in replace of some of the more recignisable business applications. You can download Alex’s slides here:

Ross spoke about the new CloudFront service from Amazon and how this could be very useful if you want to have a large file available in general release for a short time. In the question and answer section we moved onto some of the other AWS services and how these are lowering the cost of innovation. You can download the slides here:

The next event was Super Mondays event was set for 26th January. As always, we are very grateful that Newcastle University have given us acess to their excellent facilities.


  1. Mike Parker says:

    Glad to hear last night was so well attended and that the slides are up for review. I’ll have a read on my phone whilst waiting to go into a meetingin London, (the reason I couldn’t attend last night).

  2. Richard Hyett says:

    I’m sorry I missed the event, I was in Birmingham.
    The thing I still don’t understand about Cloud computing is :-
    “Nonetheless, significant operational efficiency and agility advantages can be realised even by small organisations” (wikipedia – cloud computing)
    Perhaps small organisations do make files available for 35,000 users, but what about really small organisations with web sites and relatively small audiences?

  3. admin says:

    To me, Cloud Computing is all about scalability.

    I cant generalise for all cloud computing providers, but, in my experience with AWS I have found that it suits people who cant predict their usage, or perhaps need more capacity than they can handle with their existing resources.

    In the first case, perhaps you are setting up a website and you dont know if 10 or 10m will visit it. This is a perfect case for cloud computing.

    In the second case, perhaps you have a website and you expect a large increase in usage for a short period. In the case of the example I gave last night perhaps you need to make a large file available for a short period. This is a perfect case for cloud computing.

    If you have a low usage web site then you do not need scalability, and in that case a simple hosting account with a ISP is fine.

    I have made a few general assumptions here…but the case holds true for most situations.

  4. Glad my cloud presentation could be used for inspiration. Thanks!!