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SuperMondays UX – a review

Update 30/07/10: Added slide shares of presentations and also the speakers UX reading lists.

Another interesting night at SuperMondays.  I won’t say too much because David Coxon over at his blog has said it so much better!

Much thanks goes to Joanne Richardson (@joanne84 and also on Posterous) from @orangebus.  It was originally Joanne’s idea to do a SuperUX (User eXperience) event, and she also put in the hard work in finding our other two speakers.  She did a great presentation on “A day in the life of a UX designer” which gave us a sneak peak into the (incredible) amount of work and research involved in doing UX and Interaction Design properly on a day-to-day basis in a busy consultancy and projects company. Her slides are below:

[slideshare id=4860492&doc=adayinthelifeofauxdesigner-100728154824-phpapp02]

Joanne has also provided quite a list of resources for people to use here.

Graham Morley  (@sumogray) of Graphic.ly gave an insightful presentation on the tricky topic of integrating UX design sprints into an agile process.  He described punctuated and iterative UX and design sprints that immediately precede the development sprints and the host of issues that come up and fielded many questions from the audience.

[slideshare id=4848251&doc=agileux-100727055218-phpapp02]

Also Graham’s resources for people interested in learning more about UX.

Third up was Lee Allan (@leeallen, User Experience Director of Th_nk) who kindly stepped in at the 11th hour after our original third speaker couldn’t make it.  Although not possessing a presentation, Lee described his work at Th_nk and how UX plays an incredibly important part of both guiding and solving customer problems.  He then took a barrage of questions from the audience.  Joanne and Graham joined him for the last 10 or so minutes for a panel discussion of topics thrown out from the audience.

Afterwards the host sent everybody to a pub that was shut(!), so it is  believed that the group split to several pubs in the area.  We’ll check to make sure they are open next time!


  1. david coxon says:

    Thanks for the link, as always its a pleasure to attend and blog about supermondays events, and i believe next months is super ageing which sounds like another good one.

  2. Dan says:

    I really wanted to make this but I was in Leeds. any chance there are videos I can see? thanks!

  3. supermondays says:

    Sadly we forgot the video camera on the day and therefore didn’t get video or audio footage of the day. Sorry! 🙁