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SuperMondays – Dev Ops

We are back for our first SuperMondays of 2014 with some great talks on, about, and for Dev Ops.

Eventbrite - SuperMondays - DevOps

Andrew Taylor – Past, Present, Future. DevOps from inside a billion pound company.

Andrew Taylor from Sage UK talks about the experiences, challenges and successes in running infrastructure for the FTSE100’s only software company.

Oli Wood – Building Boxes Better : (Sensible Scripting So Sysadmins Smile)

How we version control, build, deploy and manage our infrastructure

using a basic set of tools. specifically on AWS but a methodology that
could be applied else where.

Sam Lambert – hubot mysql me –

At GitHub we host 10 million repositories for over 4 million people. I will share with you how we deploy hundreds of times a day, manage hundreds of nodes and build GitHub, all using a chat bot named Hubot. Hubot was built at GitHub and quickly became the core of many of our processes, as well as a powerful culture tool. This talk will give you a look how we get stuff done and still have time to drop some pug bombs.

Eventbrite - SuperMondays - DevOps

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