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SuperMondays – Privacy and Geocoding

This month we have a varied event, with Doug Belshaw and Peter Shaw speaking about Privacy, and Andy Redfern taking us through geocoding the green vote!

Doug Belshaw educates you to educate others – on raising the next generation in the thorny subject of privacy. How do you get more than a ‘meh’ about creepy government surveillance? How do you get people to actually read those mammoth Terms of Service that everyone agrees to? And what are we actually doing with our kids’ data?

Peter Shaw will be telling tales from the trenches – lessons learned in developer security. Covering essential points such as not letting business leave security until the last minute, ways that tricksters will attempt to get private details from you, and warning signs that your app might be leaking data will all help you to be aware of the issues and combat them quickly.

Andy Redfern will be demonstrating ‘Green Geocoding’ and showing us how he helped Green voters connect with European Election Candidates in the last election. With more than 30 million pieces of data, a government database, you’ll see how clever custom algorithms assembled all that data to deliver it to tens of thousands of voters.

Please note that for the next few months we will be in the Bedson Teaching Centre off Queen Victoria Rd opposite the RVI. Entrance 21 on the map.

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Test Driven Development Videos

A big thank you to Philip and Alex for a great Super Mondays on Test Driven Development. Here are the videos if you missed the talks, or would just like to watch them again.

We also have the audio from the questions stored at https://archive.org/details/SuperMondaysTDD2014.

SuperMondays – Test Driven Development

This month Alex Kavanagh and Philip Poots talk about Test-driven development (TDD), a software development process where the developer first writes an automated test that defines the desired functionality of the final code.

Alex Kavanagh talks about his love of Test Driven Development, explain the process, and show us why it is a good process to follow.

Philip Poots will talak about the “The Death and Birth of TDD”.

The creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson kicked up a storm when he pronounced Test Driven Development (TDD) dead in his RailsConf 2014 keynote. The ripples spread far and wide, provoking a series of conversations between him, Kent Beck, the “father” of TDD, and Martin Fowler, one of Britain’s most famous software engineering exports.

We’ll use this conversation as a starting point to get a handle on TDD, where it came from, what it is, and why there is such strong feeling over its (ab)use. Reference will be made to key persons and literature, with examples in Ruby being general enough to be understood by all. Come and see what all the fuss is about, find out why you ought to be testing your code, and consider why you should be writing tests first.

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