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The latest from SuperMondays

Makers Videos

It was a full house for March’s Makers event. So if you could not get a ticket or could not make it along then here of the videos.

A big thank you to all out speakers. Also not forgetting Jason Judge and Peter Nelson for welcoming everyone at the front desk, Steve Boneham for videoing the event, and to Newcastle University for there continued support of Super Mondays.

Super Mondays – Makers

In 2012 Super Mondays had it’s most popular event when the team from Maker Space told us about the exciting world of 3D printing, Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. Two years later on March 31st they are back.

Eventbrite - SuperMondays - Makers

Ian Simmons, Makers and the Maker Faire

Ian is the Science Communication Director at The Centre for Life, home of the UK Maker Faire. After traveling the world to attend many Maker Faires and hack spaces Ian will give an insight to the Maker community by telling us about some of the amazing maker projects he has seen from around the world.

Cay Green, 3D Update

Cay has embarked in a PhD at Loughborough University Design School researching further in to 3D printing. She will be giving us an update on the progress made 3D printing in the last 2 years and will take a look at some of the work that allow non-skilled users to make/modify objects.

Glen will also be bringing it his working 3D printer so we can see it is action.

Ed Bisdee, From Arduino to PIC

When we last met Ed at Super Mondays he was an “hit things with hammers” engineer playing with Arduinos for fun. Since then he has changed career and microelectronics is now the day job. This time he is back and will tell us what he learnt moving from the amature to the profesional and give some insights to those wanting to move beyond the Arduino.

Chris Burn, Lots and lots of LEDs

If you pass Maker Space’s window you can not have avoided being mesmerised by Chris’s LED cube. Chris, often referred to as “LED Chris” in Maker Space, has made many LED signs in his life and it is quite possible you have read one of them. He will show off the cube and give an introduction to the magic that makes it work.

Dan Nixon, Custombuild Quadcopter

Dan is building a Quadcopter with full video that will fly itself. The projects, that includes both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, is an ongoing learning experience pushing open technology to it’s limits.

Eventbrite - SuperMondays - Makers

Content Management Systems Videos

This month’s event was a great with some speakers joining us from across the country. A big thank you to all of them and to Richard for organising.

As the video service we have been using is closing down we have moved our video archive to the Internet Archive and will be updating the web site links so they are not lost forever. We are looking at other additional services as well but for now you can access this month’s videos at https://archive.org/details/SuperMondaysCMS. If you would like to help with recording, editing, and/or uploading future Super Mondays videos then please get in tough with me. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Adam’s WordPress WTF slides are available on Speaker Deck.