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JavaScript, a review

Another amazing turnout this month with tickets selling out just before. So for those of you who missed out, or if you just want to recap, here are the videos.


Richard Powell – angular.js


Philip Poots – Ember.js


Alex Kavanagh – Coffeescript


A big thank you to all our speakers. An amazing job done.


This month’s SuperMonday’s meet is concentrating on JavaScript. It does not matter if you are a seasoned web devloper or just want to find out about something different. Come along and learn something new.

Richard Powell – angular.js

Angular.js is a JavaScript MVC framework maintained by Google focused on creating single page web based applications.

Philip Poots – Ember.js

Ember.js is a framework that has it’s routes in SproutCore and allowed you to write dramatically less code.

Alex Kavanagh – Coffeescript

CoffeeScript is a language inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell that transcompiles to JavaScript.

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