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Synthetic Biology, a review

A big thank you to Matthew Pocock for organising this month speakers.

  • Anil Wipat
  • Owen Gilfellon
  • Sneha Solanki
  • Daniel Frankel
  • Jane Calvert
  • Harsh Sheth

It was a great success, interested a lot of people and will hopefully lead to some interesting collaborations in the future.

Matthew Pocock

Anil Wipat

Owen Gilfellon

Sneha Solanki

Daniel Frankel

Jane Calvert

Harsh Sheth


Synthetic Biology, Monday 25th March

The next Super Monday event is organised around the theme of synthetic biology, and the new market it will create for the North East IT community. The evening will be in two parts, a series of talks followed by a panel discussion. There will be several invited speakers talking about all aspects of syn-bio, everything from wordpress plugins for describing designer bacteria to bacteria that repair cracked concrete, cybernetic robot lobsters and syn-bio-inspired installation art. The panel discussion will explore ethics, possible social impacts, and the range of IT services that the syn-bio sector would love to out-source to you. Syn-bio has been earmarked by the government as an area for investment and as an economic driver and given a £20M government investment. There is an opportunity for everyone from graphics artists to games engineers to website devs to get involved, have a lot of fun and perhaps make some money doing it.

“Synthetic biology is the design and construction of biological devices and systems for useful purposes. It is an area of biological research and technology that combines science and engineering. It encompasses a variety of different approaches, methodologies, and disciplines with a focus on engineering biology.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_biology

“One of the most promising areas of science with significant growth potential will receive a £20 million boost, the Chancellor George Osborne announced today at the Royal Society.” http://news.bis.gov.uk/Press-Releases/Government-to-invest-20-million-in-synthetic-biology-682fa.aspx

Eventbrite - SuperMondays - Synthetic Biology