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Content Management Systems Videos

This month’s event was a great with some speakers joining us from across the country. A big thank you to all of them and to Richard for organising.

As the video service we have been using is closing down we have moved our video archive to the Internet Archive and will be updating the web site links so they are not lost forever. We are looking at other additional services as well but for now you can access this month’s videos at https://archive.org/details/SuperMondaysCMS. If you would like to help with recording, editing, and/or uploading future Super Mondays videos then please get in tough with me. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Adam’s WordPress WTF slides are available on Speaker Deck.

SuperMondays – CMSs

This month we are talking about Content Management systems and have the following amazing speakers…

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 PyroCMS – Built for Developers

Jamie Hurst
Most other CMS’s concentrate on giving a solid and easy experience for users, rather than the chaps who are actually building it. PyroCMS combines a solid framework, CodeIgniter, with HMVC principles and a nice and easy administration dashboard to offer a slightly different package. I’ll explain how you can use and extend PyroCMS to give your users the best functionality AND experience all at the same time.


WordPress: WTF!?

Adam Onishi

After you’ve spent many years working with something, you start to get to that point where you feel competent, that you can do anything and every problem has a solution. However, with this understanding you also get to a point where as well as seeing how something works, you can also see how badly it does it. This is the point Adam has come to with WordPress.

In this talk, you’ll take a look over some weaknesses with WordPress, exploring downsides of the architecture, the theming and some more general problems around the platform. But also you’ll see how to avoid these problems and write better themes, plugins, and websites with WordPress.


CMS Horror stories and how stop them

Pete Duncanson

You’ve build the site to the clients brief, you launch it then the phone calls start. Slowly be surely you stop telling your friends about the cool new site you built as the client adds Pink Comic Sans EVERYWHERE! Skip forward 3 months and its no longer on your portfolio page yet the phone calls still keep coming…”how do I do this”, “I want to make it do that but 5pm tonight, I know it is 4:40 on a Friday but a press release has gone out”! Its rare a website is built without a CMS these days let how to build them well and with the editor in mind is still a journey most designer/developers are just beginning to take. Join Pete Duncanson he escorts you through a short talk on the pitfalls and horrors of building with a CMS and how to avoid them (silver bullets, garlic and wooden crosses are optional) so both you and client are happy. Feel free to heckle or scream.

Pete Duncanson is the Founder and MD of Offroadcode Ltd, a focused team of problem solving digital folk who love the web. With over 20 years experience of working with CMS’s in one shape or another you’re in good hands.


Drupal: Myths and Legends

Adam Hill

Its true that Drupal could be smaller, leaner, produce nicer HTML and be more “user” friendly but a lot of the reasons given for avoiding one of the most powerful php applications come from the world of myth and legend. The aim of this short talk is to provide a frank and engaging overview of some of the most believed myths that are associated to Drupal when choosing a CMS for a project and uncover some of the truths that are often overlooked.

Co-Founder of the Drupal North East user group and actively involved in the global Drupal Community, Adam will explain the weaknesses of this open source project, while dispelling the myths that still circulate the developer community and ways to get the most out of this often misunderstood platform.


The Emperor CMS Has No Clothes

Philip Poots
CTO at Givey Ltd. (https://www.givey.com)

The time has come to end the insanity. The largest employers of pen-pushers (keyboard-tappers?) in the world are starting to wake up to the reality of content management. Come and learn what President Obama, The US and UK governments and a collection of North East startups and big companies alike have in common when it comes to managing and publishing content.


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