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Lightning Talks

On Tuesday 26th April we held another of our Ligntning Talks events. This was attended by around 70 people who heard the following speakers:

  • Ian Oxley: HTML5 form validation
  • Michael Peacock: Jenkins Continuous Integration tool
  • Alex Kavanagh: A whirlwind history of copyright and what it means for the 21st century
  • Jonathan Dixon: web sockets and Web Data Storage
  • Gregory Marler: OpenStreetMap.org: Not just a pretty web map, using the raw data. Featuring elephants, table tennis, and toilets.
  • Mark Stairmand: UX challenges for application developers
  • Ross Cooney: Messaging idioms.
  • Richard Powell: HTML5 Canvas
  • Matthew Peacock: Scala

Stuart Holmes wrote the following review:

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