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SuperMondays – Lightning Talks 2013

This months Supermondays is going to be lightning talks. That’s an opportunity for you to share your enthusiasm for anything tech related over a 5-10 minute presentation. And when we say anything, we really do mean it:

  • Languages, frameworks, plugins or open source code
  • Hardware: The Rasberry Pi, Arduino, anything else.
  • Code patterns, philosophies, practices or industry trends
  • A project you worked on.
  • Laws, business, recruitment, clients, project management, freelancing.
  • Something that really gets your goat within the world of tech.
  • Design, UX, analytics, SEO.
  • Educatin
  • A cool startup, company, website or app.

And anything else IT or tech related

We’d especially like to encourage first time speakers to come forward. My (Richard) first public presentation was at Supermondays and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still remember how rewarding it was and how welcome the audience made me feel.

If you want to speak (and you really should), please do get in touch via twitter, the email group or if you’d like a less public way to say hi then you can email [email protected]. You really will not regret it.

Septembers SuperMondays will be held on 30th September, at 18:00 in Newcastle University.

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