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SuperFreelancers…a review

This month we were back in the Culture Lab at Newcastle University. The event was really well atended by over 120

people and we had four excellent speakers, including:

We are very grateful to the Culture Lab, Newcastle University and our platinum Sponsors Sunderland Software City and Northern Film & Media.

You can watch the videos and slide decks below:

Paul Easton
Laura Maddison
[slideshare id=4654097&doc=presentation-100630160459-phpapp01]
Rob Lavender
[slideshare id=4640459&doc=freelance-toolkit-key-100629052754-phpapp01]
Lee Simpson
[slideshare id=4661952&doc=passiveincome-100701160154-phpapp02]


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  2. Lee says:

    Glad it all went well. I’ve done a really quick blog post on this to say sorry to Smashing Magazine http://bit.ly/dC9wRR

    P.S. Could you have picked a worse screen grab of me for the video? 🙂

  3. Paul King says:

    Thanks for the 1DayLater mention Rob 😉